Did You Create Your Wish List?


I will Randomly Reward People
for their Participation on My Posts.
And for Taking Action.
This means I will look at Your
“Amazon Wish List
and Purchase something from Your
“Amazon Wish List”
as a Reward for Reading My Blogs.

If You created a “Amazon Wish List”
Enter Your Wish List in a Comment Below.
Yes You will need to sign up for an account here
So I can Contact You.

Once You create Your “Amazon Wish List”
You will want to Set Your Privacy Settings….

Public –
Anyone can search for and see this list. You can also share using a link.
Shared –
Only people with the link can see this list. It will not appear in Amazon search results.
Private –
Only you can see this list
I suggest choosing “SHARED”
This way No one Can see Your “Amazon Wish List”
unless they have the Link.
And You can control where you post Your Link.
Now Obviously Posting it here
can be a good idea.
And I will be Sharing Ideas on other places to
Share Your “Amazon Wish List”
Such as Model Mayhem
and Facebook.
In fact on Facebook …
I suggest Creating a New Photo Album
and Title it “My Wish List”
Then put photos of things You Wish For
(you can copy the photos from Amazon).
And on the description, add Your Image
“Amazon Wish List” Link.
Now all Your Friends,
and Family
can have ideas on what to get You
for special occasions,
such as Birthdays, Xmas, etc.
Or Just because they like You.
And of Course someone can reward You.
So Create Your “Amazon Wish List”
and post Your Link in a comment below
(don’t forget to sign up to be able to post)
* – Here’s How it will Work …
I will choose a Name from the list of
People who have posted their Wish Lists.
And I will include their Name in my Post.
They will have 24hrs to Comment on the post.
If they Comment within the 24hrs …
I will pick a Gift from their Wish List
as a Reward for Reading My Blogs.
Share this Post copy this link … http://wp.me/p4dFYD-4

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